Black Forest Brewing Haus Craft Beer

Stop By for a Pint at the Best Craft Brewery in Nassau & Suffolk County

Black Forest Brew Haus offers not only great food but also an outstanding craft beer selection. We want to be your destination for great beer and delicious food, enjoyed with friends and family.  Whether you are looking for a Sunday brunch spot, happy hour location, venue for your corporate event, or a great place to celebrate Oktoberfest, Black Forest Brew Haus is ready to ensure you always have a great time! If you are in the Nassau County or Suffolk County area, Black Forest Brew Haus is your Long Island craft beer destination.

Check out our current list of excellent craft beers below and visit us today!

Pilsner $6
Our interpretation of the world’s most popular beer style. Light body and color with a pronounced hop bitterness and flavor provided by German and Czech hops.

Hefeweizen $7
Directly translated, this beer means "yeast wheat". It gets this name from the fact that it must be made with at least 50% wheat malt and its appearance in the glass, which is meant to be cloudy. Wheat malt provides the soft malt character while the yeast is responsible for the flavors ranging from banana to clove with just enough hops to restrain sweetness.

Amber  $6
Our traditional German Marzen is an medium-bodied amber lager with light caramel and toasted notes perfectly balanced by German hops.

New: $13+
Refill: $9+

Oktoberfest $7
It’s the best time of year!  Our Oktoberfest is a traditional Munich Beer Tent styled brew.  It is malty and only a little hoppy.  Specialty malts give this Fest a slightly bready test...and we love it!

Big Berry Wheat  $7
Our 20 year anniversary beer is a traditional fruit beer.  It is made with almost every berry under the sun and it is a perfect way to cool off in the summer.  Light and refreshing, while bold and flavorful.

Rauch Doppelbock $7
This variation of doppelbock has a high smoke flavor and stronger alcohol content.  Apple mesquite and cherry smoked malt along with crystal and chocolate malt enhance the smoothness of this smoked beer.